Top Tips To Stay Sober After Treatment

The good news is that recovery can give you back your dreams. When you are sober, you begin to remember all of those things that gave your life real meaning and joy.

  • We have outlined practical steps that you can follow to help you stop drinking.
  • Once you begin to recognise the warning signs that your temper is rising and predict your triggers, you can act quickly to deal with your anger before it spins out of control.
  • I’m just about to head to bed on 30th September sober!!
  • Whatever fits you, they all recharge the spirit and promote introspection, which are beneficial for mental health.
  • Sobriety quotes can compliment a persons sobriety but they are not enough on their own to keep a person sober, or indeed to help them to get sober from alcohol.
  • They have never learned to trust, they have never learned to feel properly, they have never learned to share – they can be very damaged people.

Perhaps before you were the life of the party and now you think you’ll be boring ““ and boring people don’t make friends. It is normal to fear the unknown, and sobriety can seem like greatest unknown of all. This is especially true if you’ve been using alcohol and drugs for a long time, because substances have become your new norm. Recovery is not easy, as it brings forth a number of challenges, and fear can make it even more difficult. The many fears of sobriety are often the reasons why some people don’t want to seek help in the first place. And then in recovery, it is not unusual for these fears to grow and new ones to come.

How To Find Happiness In Recovery

You have probably already realised that there are many negative consequences when abusing alcohol or drugs. The problem is that if knowledge of the harm of this behaviour were enough, nobody would ever fall into the trap of addiction. Below are just ten reasons why sobriety is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Whether you are is thinking Alcohol dependence about sobriety, in recovery, or has been abstinent for a long time, these common fears can come to haunt you. In this moment, it is important to be courageous and not a coward. Having goals is highly motivating in recovery, so take some time to think about how your life can change once you are free from alcohol and drugs.

why we have a fear of being sober

Without getting emotional about it, explain to the person the reasons for keeping away, and hope that they will understand. People who deal drugs are the kind that should be avoided forever. But it’s also necessary to avoid the friends who use drugs or drink during the early stages of the post-treatment process. Sexual abuse, usually incest, is not unknown in addict families. The fear and terror of small children, usually girls, is quite appalling. Some children never speak of it to their mother as somehow they believe it is their fault.

Fear Of The Future

„We may feel fearful because we can’t remember everything that happened the night before; it’s not at the forefront of the mind. But, at any time of the year, we have all had that one night were you wake up the next day and been struck by ‚the fear‘. ‚The time between 1998 and 2005 was especially bad,‘ she told Vogue in 2010. It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for,‘ she told Allure in 2012. The 26-year-old actor previously battled alcohol addiction while filming the Harry Potter franchise. He gave up drinking shortly after filming finished on the show in 2011.

why we have a fear of being sober

Each of our treatment programmes and detoxes are intricately tailored to each of our guests specific treatment needs and conducted within luxurious surroundings. The most crucial reason anger must be addressed during addiction recovery is that anger is strongly linked to relapse. Whether you harbour anger inside or lash out at others, it can create roadblocks in your recovery journey if it is not dealt with appropriately.

It is hard to have deep relationships while caught up in addiction. In order to survive in the life of addiction, one has to be self-absorbed, manipulative, and uncaring; behaving unethically is very often a requirement also.

Have A Recovery Plan And Exit Plan For Any Event You Attend

Although it is important to establish and understand triggers, it is also important to grasp a new form of socialising in an aid to prevent feelings of loneliness. Are there new ways to socialise such as different activities like long walks, theatre, book clubs that you may not have participated why we have a fear of being sober in before? Social anxiety is also a leading cause as to why people turn to alcohol during social occasions. AA/CA meetings are also vital for the recovery process, and new bonds may form with others who are going through a similar process – potentially offering a support network.

why we have a fear of being sober

By looking after yourself physically, you’re more likely to have the strength and energy to remain sober. Also, if you have already agreed to attend certain social events, don’t be afraid to cancel closer to the time if you believe that it would be better for your sobriety if you didn’t go. When you’re trying to stop drinking, it’s so important that you go with your gut instinct and check in with your own feelings and emotions. For example, if you find that you reach for a drink when your stress levels rise, make time to learn techniques to help you alleviate the pressure that you’re experiencing. Part of my daily routine usually includes time for meditation. If the idea of sitting alone with your thoughts makes your skin crawl, believe me, I used to hate it too.

Avoid Friends And Family That Use Drugs And Alcohol

When I was first introduced to meditation in rehab it felt like an actual legitimate form of torture. Also, because I’m an attention-seeking blabbermouth, I talk all the bloody time.

why we have a fear of being sober

Resist the urge to punish – it will only add more stress which is not healthy for recovering persons. Maybe you get into a fight every time you go out with a particular group of friends.

I’d go in and out of bouts of no weekday drinking and then celebrate the weekend with a weeks worth of booze. And if gratitude and positivity are too much – you are allowed to cry and scream into a pillow and rage at the world for a while, just make sure you don’t stay there too long. It’s healthy to be angry in early recovery, but holding on to that anger will only hurt you in the long run. Try to let go as much as possible, and when you can, find laughter with a trusted friend on the phone or your favorite comedy film. Offers advice and information for people worried about their own drinking, and support to the family and friends of people who are drinking. During recovery from addiction, there are often times when we need a boost to start our day or give us motivation to keep on going.

Techniques such as meditation can be a great help when it comes to cultivating inner contentment. It shows the individual that real happiness comes from inside of them, and it is not dependent on external conditions. It is a great idea to write a gratitude list on a regular basis, as this will remind the individual of all the good things they have in their new life. It is so easy to take things for granted, but a gratitude list can prevent this from happening. Early recovery can be full of traps and wrong turns, and this is why it is important for the individual to have some type of programme and plenty of support. This way they can follow in the footsteps of those who have successfully gone before.

In reality, drinking makes everything in our world smaller and full of ‘same old, same old’ experiences. Same old Sunday morning hangovers, same old drunken, embarrassing office parties, same old Saturday nights down the pub, same old conversations that we never remember. People worry so much about failing why we have a fear of being sober with sobriety because they think it will mean they have a problem, that they will be worse than before. I was definitely encouraged by the stark difference in my bank balance too. I’ve been able to make my dream of a van a reality by putting money aside for it and actually having a timeline.

How To Stop Drinking

Hopelessness, anger, shame, and guilt are just a few of them. These feelings can be overwhelming and set off cravings that defeat the goal of staying sober.

There’s no way to be truly present when you’re inebriated. I’m happy to help guide you forward on your sober journey — asking another sober person for help is genuinely the first step for many people. The Priory Group aspires to deliver the highest quality of care in the UK across our range of services, which include acute mental healthcare, addiction why we have a fear of being sober treatment and low and medium secure facilities. Don’t worry about what has happened or what could happen. Enjoy each day and remember that the best gift you can give to anyone who loves you this Christmas is to spend the festive period clean and sober. Remember the positives of doing so – no hangovers, no regrets and a lot of money saved.

I help you achieve the liberating power of living your life without alcohol holding you back. If like me, you used alcohol to cope with problems, stress, your kids or a bad day, then you become so used to turning to this crutch you can’t imagine how you will cope instead.

Posted by: Timothy Legg